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Blog Archives

Mel (Melinda) Scarfdale

Feels So Good . . . I just love it when I bring something home and it makes me feel just s o o o good. And I always feel that way with these little puppies. Link to this post!

Norma Hartner (nee Jenkens)

Drink it up . . . If Shopping Girl Online was fruit I would shove it all into a blender and just drink it up. Thx ladies. Link to this post!

Campbell & D’arcy Lawless

Saved a ShipLoad . . . Campbell hates coming out with me clothes shopping. But he is more than happy to help me decide from my ipad. WE save d a shipload on top fashion gear this way. My friends
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20 % or Even Less . . . OMG. You can pay as little as 20 % or even less right off the original label’s price for items on this site as it is literally stocked with designer markdowns. Who
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